Renaissance Empowerment Institute

The Trailblazer Program is a Youth Leadership Initiative sponsored by  the Renaissance Empowerment Institute (REI). The purpose of the Trailblazer Program is to encourage the youth of the 21st century to be effective leaders and to stress the importance of civic engagement and post high school education.

REI is one of the non-profit organizations that Have this H.O.P.E. supports, and the mission of REI is to Educate, Enhance, and Empower socio-economically disadvantaged individuals and families - assisting them in living independent and productive lives. And at HTH, we believe strongly in that mission and are willing to put our money to work to help this organization!

So click here to take a look at the Featured Collection made especially for the Trailblazers. Also, be sure to check out all of the products on sale on HTH website. No matter what you purchase, know that a significant portion of your funds is going to support the important work of community organizations like REI!

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